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More control over floating window

Sep 6, 2012 at 6:46 PM

It would be nice to have more control over the floating window.

Initially I just wanted to set the starting position, but it turned out to be easier to create my own control and bind to the BindingErrors, ValidationErrors and Exceptions properties of the Glimpse service class.

So I updated the Load method to take a parameter to optionally supress showing the glimpse floating window:  (I don't use Mercurial so creating a fork and submitting a pull request seems like a lot of work for a minor update).

This is a patch for the changes (pretty minor):

Left file: C:\dev\local\silverlightglimpse-0bcd95241c5c-dev\silverlightglimpse_0bcd95241c5c\SilverlightGlimpse\Services\Glimpse.cs
Right file: C:\dev\local\silverlightglimpse-0bcd95241c5c-orig\silverlightglimpse_0bcd95241c5c\SilverlightGlimpse\Services\Glimpse.cs
<         public void Load(Application app, TimeSpan bindingsRefreshRate = default(TimeSpan), bool showWindow = true)
>         public void Load(Application app, TimeSpan bindingsRefreshRate = default(TimeSpan))
<                 if (showWindow)
<                     GlimpseWindow.Show();
>                 GlimpseWindow.Show();
<                 if (showWindow)
<                     GlimpseWindow.Show(dblLeft, 10);
>                 GlimpseWindow.Show(dblLeft, 10);