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Project Description

Silverlight Glimpse helps developers track down binding errors, highlight validation errors and unhandled exceptions in their application.

A small Silverlight Glimpse window sits on top of your Silverlight application displaying real time error counts for bindings, validations and exceptions as your application hits its bugs. To view the detail of each individual error just click the expand button on the window to show all the relevant information.

This debugging tool written in C# and compiles to a dll which can be referenced from your Silverlight application.


A blog post outlining all the advantages of using Silverlight Glimpse can be found here:

Install using NuGet


How to set up your application

Simply wrap the setting of your RootVisual in your App.xaml.cs file:

Special thanks to Karl Shifflett and Tim Heuer

This tool is based upon the original Glimpse for Silverlight 3 written in VB.NET by Karl Shifflett. For those that don’t know him, he’s a WPF disciple and one of the top guys in the XAML!

His blog post in 2009 on the original project can be found here:

Both tools make use of the excellent FloatableWindow written by Tim Heuer, a Program Manager on the Xaml team at Microsoft.

Thanks for your help guys!

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